Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Best Music That Other People I Know Don't Listen To

I am one of those people who kind of listens to any music. Not all music, I guess- I hate country and I don't like most rap/hip-hop type stuff. But in general I listen to a pretty good variety of music. I do lean more towards alternative indie/rock/punk songs, or electronica/pop stuff. What I really enjoy, though, is discovering new music and getting to share it with my friends, all of whom have different musical tastes. So without further ado here are some of the best artists and bands that random websites/books/magazines have helped me discover in the last decade.

I discovered this Swedish guy called Christian Walz sometime in middle school. I was browsing videos of little kids being awesome singers- which always amazes me because they're so tiny! Where do those voices come from??- and I came across his video for Wonderchild. First off, I love the colors and lighting and silhouette style of the video. There's a new video now but it's not nearly as cool. Wonderchild is one of the coolest songs ever, I think. I tried to show my friends this guy and they just murmured, "um he sounds like a leprechaun..."But whatever. I like it. I'd also recommend Atlantis and Hit 'N Run.

Marina & the Diamonds is this amazing girl who I have admired since her very first song ever. I don't even remember how I discovered her music, but I've listened to her forever and I am SO EXCITED that she's finally gaining popularity in the US!! She was even in TeenVogue a while ago!! She has a very unique pop sound and an awe-inspiring voice with a range comparable to.. well... Um someone with a good vocal range. Anways my favorite song off her first album (The Family Jewels) is Oh No! and then from her second album, Electra Heart... I'd probably have to go with Lies even though I love How To Be A Heartbreaker too 'cause it's just hilarious.

Beach House is my peaceful summer day music. I sit in my room reading listening to it and wish I had a hammock to lie in. I don't really have a favorite song from Teen Dream, the album which I listen to most, because I just turn it on shuffle and let it make me feel all happy and relaxed. So I'll just suggest you try Walk In The Park to get the feeling.

Have you seen the movie Hanna? Well it's amazing and Saoirse Ronan is epic and all that greatness, but I also LOVELOVELOVE the soundtrack. Great running music to make you feel like you're this epic movie person. It's done by The Chemical Brothers, who make this great electric music. Container Park was one of the best scenes in the movie and the song is freaking fantastic.

Sadly, I can only listen to Take It Personal by Go Periscope, and all their other dance songs on YouTube or Pandora, which is where I heard them first. This is because the library doesn't have them and iTunes doesn't have all their stuff. I'm too cheap to buy CDs so YouTube it is!! But Go Periscope rocks because their music is pop-ish but not boring and works really when to motivate me to work out. :)

You've probably heard  Tainted Love more times than you can count. It's one of those songs from the 80s that has just gone on and on and on... Sadly, it's Soft Cell's only really-super-big hit. Have you ever listened to Frustration or anything else off Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret? Kinda bizarre stuff but cool and something you should give a try!

The Hush Sound have a quirky-cool sound which I feel is best reflected in The Boys Are Too Refined, although Medicine Man is also pretty great. And I think more popular.

So I said I don't like rap. Generally, I don't, but I think K'Naan is kind of the greatest rapper ever. His songs actually make me think. I'm sure you've heard Wavin' Flag, a remix of a song of his that was used for the FIFA World Cup in 2001. If you listen to some of his deeper music though you'll hear some amazing stories about his life and what he's gone through. I recommend People Like Me and The Dusty Foot Philosopher.

I love The Kills for just being a sort of punkish-grungey-summer-heat-blues sound to listen to on hot August mornings. I don't know if that's actually what you would call the genre but that's how it feels to me! Best song of theirs: Sour Cherry.

Organ Donor is the only song I've ever heard my Jeremy Messersmith but I think it's creepy and strange and awesome. So is the video. Watch it now.

Little Boots might be more popular in the UK than here. I discovered her while looking up The Saturdays (whose song Up is super fun and uplifting, get it?). Her music pumped me up so much that I started using it for cross country and track meets. I love New In Town, but the dance anthem Meddle became my (personal) official State cross country meet song.

I introduced Lisel to Miniature Tigers a while back. She calls them "the cutest band ever" mainly because of their song Like Or Like Like. My five-year-old brother thinks Dino Damage is hilarious. Listen to the lyrics and you'll get it! I just love their out-there songs and mellow feel.

Once upon a time I went through a phase where I loved dancing around the house and singing to music at the top of my lungs. Only alone, of course. This is, interestingly, the exact same phase my 12 year old sister is going through now. I mean, I still dance around the house singing wildly when I'm home alone, I'm just not home alone very frequently. Anyways. One of my favorite songs to sing to in 6th grade was It Ends Tonight by the All-American Rejects. To this day I know all of their songs by heart. But that's not the point here- the point is that I once searched "dance music" on my parents iTunes because I was out of songs and came up with the "US Mix" of a song called Satellites by September. So that year I put 'CDs by September' on my Christmas list and was rewarded with a Cd that will now forever remind me of midnight of Christmas Eve. In My Neighborhood is a bit cheesy but my favorite after Satellites.

You know how sometimes you hear a song on the radio over and over again without ever knowing what it is? Every time it comes on you yell something like OHMYGOD THAT'S MY SOOONG TURN IT UP and people give you weird looks, right? I heard Gold, Guns, Girls a trillion times before I actually looked up Metric- now some of my favorite music ever. Good for any time, any situation, any mood... Here are some of the best: Gimme SympathyOn The SlyThe Police And The Private... AHH I can't even list them all i just like every single song GO LISTEN NOW.

Black Cards, from what I've found on YouTube, only sound good when recorded *ahem autotuned*, not live. Nonethless I like listening to Club Called Heaven and Dominoes. I figured out from comments from YouTube (today, actually) that the guy in Black Cards used to be in Fall Out Boy? I only ever heard one of their songs but in elementary school I was obsessed with it- Sugar, We're Going Down.  Make of that what you will.

I was first introduced to Sia, now known as Sia Furler by my cousin EJ when he gave me a mix CD for Christmas and her song Breathe Me was on it. Later I looked her up and fell in love with her electic musical (and personal) style. Also, her beautiful music, including gems like Soon We'll Be FoundClap Your Hands, and My Love, which has made me cry. Fun fact: she's the girl in David Guetta's Titanium.

Finally, the soundtrack from the movie St. Trinians'. If you haven't seen the movie, go rent it 'cause it's hilarious. Quick summary: a bunch of crazy badass British schoolgirls messing around with authority and blowing stuff up. Comes with a side of music to make you feel like you can kick ass right now. Examples: If I Can't Dance by Sophie Ellis Bextor and Nine2Five by The Ordinary Boys and Lady Sovereign. 

I hope I've inspired you to broaden your musical horizons- and let me know if there's any other music I should be checking out! I'm sure there's a ton! :)

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