Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Exploring Singapore: Christmas at Gardens by the Bay


Winter break starts on the 20th and I am SOOOO excited. I haven't seen my family and friends back home in so long, and I can't wait to talk to everyone! Also I'm excited for cold weather, haha. I miss scarves and feeling Christmas-y!

Actually, it can get pretty Christmasy-y here in Singapore, which is what today's post is about. After work today I went to Gardens by the Bay to take pictures and found out they actually had a light show, which was SO COOL. But my pictures are also cool so I'm posting them here. I took a bunch on my walk from Raffles Place through Marina Bay area and to the Gardens... I didn't really realize how far it was but hey, I got there all right. Anyways. Pictures!

I love these Christmas trees by the water. As I said... Christmas-y! 

Instead of being boring and walking on the ground to get through Marina Bay Sands and to the Gardens, I went up the escalator in the mall and then between buildings. Hence, these pictures…

Then some pictures of the actual Gardens before the sun started to set...

 Although these show how beautiful the place is, the Gardens in daylight are nothing compared to them at twilight and afterwards, when all the lights are on and there's holiday music playing!

Oh, and there's "snow" in this glittery light thing, as I found out during our Christmas party at work (we came here after our buffet at the Pan Pacific's Edge restaurant to take pictures).

Finally, I took more pictures on my walk home through the bay area. I LOVE THIS PLACE. I have a thing about cities at night in general, but man. This one glitters.

Happy holidays, everyone. :)

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