Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Listen to Something Else

"Music" by Jesse Kruger / CC BY-NC 2.0
Today we're going to talk a bit about MUSIC.

Why do you listen to music? Where do you find out about new music? Do you prefer pop, classical, rap or jazz? All these are things you probably don't think about very often. Many people tend to just listen to what their friends are listening to, or whatever's on the radio. You might be familiar with the most popular songs in your country right now, or you might be obsessed with a song from a movie you saw last week. Who knows. But how often do you go out of your way to make the music you listen to really matter to you?

Personally I listen to a bit of everything. There's literally a playlist on my iPod that includes "Pimpin'" by Hollywood Undead, Prokofiev's "Dance of the Knights" and "Fairy Paradise" by Cocorosie. If that's not an eclectic mix I don't know what is! I love finding new music, seeing what other people are listening to and sharing new music. There's something so special about being able to find a song that embodies exactly the emotion you're experiencing, or discovering a new song that makes your toes curl because it just resonates so strongly with you.

Sooo it annoys me when people only listen to one thing, or just what's on the radio. I mean, I guess it's up to you to choose what you listen to, but... There's such a HUGE world of music out there! Why would you limit yourself to one genre or artist?? I also just finished reading "The Power Of Habit" by Charles Duhigg, and towards the end of the book he explains that a lot of songs only become popular because radio stations slip them into your life, and you become used to them. Basically, if you're only listening to the radio and not actively seeking out music you enjoy, you're only hearing what someone is trying to make money off of!

If you're really disinclined to spend hours browsing iTunes or YouTube, at least try a radio station that lets you explore a bit, like Pandora (though sadly this only works for my US friends and people in Australia/New Zealand).

Or, instead of radio, why not try something user-generated like 8tracks? No one has ever heard of this site when I mention it to them, but it's SERIOUSLY COOL. You basically just make playlists and listen to other people's playlists. You can find sooooo much music on there, and it has been a freaking gold mine for me lately in terms of discovering great songs. The only downside is that sometimes a track will be restricted due to licensing or whatever, but in general it is PERFECT. Thus, my first recommendation for you to get started on discovering your own personal taste in music is to make an (free) account on that site and explore it.

My second recommendation is for you to listen to something you're NEVER heard before. Maybe LOTS of somethings-you've-never-heard-before. To cut down on excessive and unnecessary stress/Googling, I have compiled a list of music for you to browse, organized by.... erm, practical use? Whatever. Check 'em out, use them to find other music and other artists, and maybe surprise yourself by finding some totally new piece of music you never knew you liked!

Go ahead... listen to something else.

"headphones" by TOM / CC BY NC-ND 2.0

Music for running (or whatever sport... but of course running is my preference!):

High Road - Fort Minor (ft. John Legend)

Stompa  - Serena Ryder

Mapaptutsi - Kleva

Tongues (RAC remix) - Joywave (ft. Kopps)

No Sex for Ben - The Rapture

Galang - M.I.A.

Kick-ass girl power music: 

Hit and Run  - LOLO (watch the video for this one, see if you can figure out the story!)

MANiCURE - Lady Gaga

Revolver - Madonna ft. Lil' Wayne

Untouchable -Sky Ferreira

Bitch - Plastiscines

Guillotine - Yadi

Break the Rules - Charli XCX

Bad Dog - Neon Hitch

For when you actually seriously need to CHILL:

The Moss - Cosmo Sheldrake

Dance of the Knights - Prokofiev

This Song Is Not About A Girl- Flume & Chet Faker

Free to Stay- Smoosh

Two Fingers - Jake Bugg

The Approaching Night - Philip Wesley

Go Outside - Cults

Evening/Morning - Bombay Bicycle Club

Happy music! Or, songs to dance to:

Boshret Kheir - Hussain Al Jassmi (I think I got the spelling right....)

Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous  - RuPaul

Bella Belle - The Electric Swing Circus

San Francisco - The Mowglis

Up - The Saturdays

All Night- Parov Stelar

Sing Sing Sing  - Benny Goodman

La Dificil - Baby Rasta y Gringo

Songs that are good for walking around at night with headphones on (please be safe):

Down On Life - Elliphant

Roses  - White Ring

Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Lorde (which is a cover of the one by Tears for Fears)

Young Hearts - Strange Talk

Cowboy Boots - Macklemore

Summer/hot weather/sunny days: 

Operate - ASTR

If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out  - Cat Stevens

Shove It - Santigold

Gold (Snakehips remix) - Bondax

Hit and Run - Lana del Ray

Crime Pays - Bear Hands

Wonderchild - Christian Walz

Cruel - St. Vincent

Dino Damage - Miniature Tigers

Porcelain Heart - Nicola Roberts

Stop It - Pylon

Los Angeles - Sugarcult

Weird but awesome songs I adore:

Fairy Paradise  - Cocorosie (the live version of this is fascinating)

You Were A House On Fire - Listener

The Willows  - The Hare and The Moon

Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez (again with the live version being great)

Aminals - Baths

Alice's Theme - Danny Elfman

Secret Life - Soft Cell

Songs that might make you sad:

Falling Away - Big Scary

House by the Sea - Moddi

Godspeed - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Dead Hearts - Stars

Walking in the Air - Declan Galbraith (btw the kid that sang this was like 8 years old)

Big Girls Cry - Sia

Yellow Light (Cillo remix) - Of Monsters And Men

Happy - Marina and the Diamonds

Songs in French (because I am obsessed):

Dracula - Christine Pilzer

Papaoutai - Stromae

Envole-Moi - Génération Goldman

Nouveaux Horizons - Melissa Nkonda

Je Me Lache - Christophe Mae

Dernière Danse - Indila

I hope you at least found ONE new song on this list!! Comment if you know a song you think more people should listen to. :)

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