Saturday, May 16, 2015

An Afternoon in Fremont

Hey everyone! After taking a few weeks to settle back into life in the US, I am back to blogging! I have a lot of writing in the works, but I've been busy with job hunting and moving into a new house (still in Seattle but now on the opposite end of the city), so I haven't managed to complete much. I also can use my library card again, which is probably not a good thing because there are about 30 books piled up on my desk as I write, and I really need to finish them before I get fined for returning them late.

ANYWAYS. The great thing about being back in Seattle but living, now, in a totally new area is that it gives me a chance to explore neighborhoods I don't know very well. I still miss New York a bizarre amount for someone who only spent a week there, but I've realized one of the things I love about NYC is the way it's so gritty but artistic at the same time. And I love older architecture. The thing is... Seattle has those things too! In Singapore I kind of forgot about that, so I've been having fun rediscovering it all. So on Friday I grabbed my camera, got one of my sisters to head to Fremont with me (okay, begged her to drive me because I still don't have a license), and did some exploring!

Our first goal, obviously, was to find coffee. Not at Fremont Coffee, but they had a pretty sign so here is a picture of it anyways.

The place we ended up at had no actual name that I could see, because it was a bit of a hole-in-the-wall, but this sign led us inside... find this GORGEOUS chandelier! There were a few more in the shop as well, which is impressive because the whole place was about as big as my bedroom. But the baristas were super cool, and when I ended up ordering a chai instead of coffee they offered to add in a free homemade marshmallow. The entire thing was like stepping into a cross between a hipster coffee shop, an antique store and a Renaissance painting. 

Gotta love Fremont.

After I got chai, my sister bought some gelato, so we didn't go into a lot of stores because most of the time people don't want you dropping your food on the things they're trying to sell. But we walked around and saw some of those cool artistic touches I was talking about...

We DID go into this little bookshop, which I think is the definition of what every independent, second-hand book store is supposed to be. It was tiny, rickety, and contained old couches surrounded by shelves stuffed to the brim with books. Also, no one but my sister and I seemed to be in the shop until, about ten minutes into our visit, a woman came up from downstairs and told us they were cleaning the basement. Then she went back downstairs.

Basically the whole thing was brilliant and pretty much out of a book itself.

The only strange thing was the insane amount of Sounders paraphernalia, but hey, every quirky bookstore needs its... well, quirks!

Bonus points for life to anyone who can tell me what the hell "KWITCHUDAMBELLYAKIN" (from the picture above) means.

Besides that bookstore, another must-see in Fremont is the Fremont Bridge! I love it because it's colorful, and just so wonderfully unashamed of its near-tackiness. Plus there's a sign on the bike path section that counts the number of bikers that cross every day, and they're already at nearly 200,000 since January!

Above: a view of another bridge from the Fremont bridge.
Below: a picture from underneath some stairs that I edited to make look cooler. :)

My sister wanted to walk along the canal so we did that also. Here is a picture of her at the canal with delicious gelato. Oh, look- proof that it doesn't always rain in Seattle!! And following, some pictures of the canal.

Finally, we found this DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookie dough to snack on at PCC! The best part? It was wheat and dairy free! I still can't believe this exists. I mean, it had baking instructions so I assume you're supposed to bake the cookies, but the ingredients listed egg replacer instead of egg, so there's no health risk in eating it raw. 

And the dough is always better anyhow.

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