Friday, October 23, 2015

Choose Love

Aren't we all in pursuit of happiness? 

Not euphoria, necessarily, not always. But in one way or another, we are all seeking something that makes us content. Sometimes happiness seems such a difficult commodity to come by. We crave fairy tale endings, true love, a result, the final chapter that ties everything together.

We forget about the journey. We forget that life doesn't have to be a struggle, a means to an end.

We can choose to love the path that takes us closer to our dreams. 

I think this forgetfulness happens because we don't realize that everything is a part of life and can therefore be appreciated. We wait until we've reached a certain point before we allow ourselves to feel content. And even then, we're not necessarily happy, just settling.

We are conditioned to look for the negative. Advertisements everywhere focus on telling us all the things that are wrong with us, all the things we need to fix. We are consistently fed messages that encourage us to push through all the rough bits until we come out on top. I'm all for a good challenge, but I want more than just that. I don't want to suffer to reach a certain point. I want to make every moment of life count. I want everyone to get as much as they can from life. How?


You can choose positivity.

You can choose to live your life with love.

You can choose to appreciate the little things.

Listen to music that makes your spirit soar. Eat food that makes you happy. Dress the way you want. Find a sport or do something physical that makes your body feel wonderful, like you're treating it as you would royalty.

Look for the bright spots in the things you might not enjoy that much. Do you hate the fact that you have a two-hour commute to work? Read a book on the bus, listen to an audiotape or your favorite CD in the car on the way there. Look out the window and watch the sun rise.

Don't wait to be happy until you find a boyfriend, lose a little weight, get that dream job. Choose to love the life you're living now. That doesn't mean you have to settle and stop striving for anything more, but who says you can't enjoy the journey?

Choose to love yourself the way you are in this moment. Choose to push aside your curtains in the morning and meet whatever weather greets you with a smile. Love the sun, the rain or the wind. 

Look around you right now. Think about everything you saw or felt yesterday, or earlier today. I bet you can name at least ten things that made you happy. They don't have to be big. If you got a raise or went to an amazing concert, great, I'm glad. But you can be just as happy if yesterday you read a book you were excited about. Maybe you spent five minutes talking to a friend you hadn't seen in a while. Maybe you walked past a beautiful window display and it made you smile. Maybe you wore a favorite piece of jewelry. Maybe you noticed the color of the sky just before the rain on your lunch break.

You can find happiness in so many ways, if you CHOOSE to look for it.

Trust me on this. You have passion. You have the ability to love life. It isn’t always the easiest thing in the world, but there's nothing to lose by trying. By making a conscious decision to truly love the world, you can shape yours. YOU are in charge.

With this freedom, this great ability to choose the joy we bring into our lives, comes personal responsibility.

You are the only one who can answer your own questions, the only one who can address your doubts and conquer your fears.

So what will you do today?

Will you wake up and grumble when your feet hit the cold floor, or will you pull on a pair of wool socks and enjoy the warmth of a cup of coffee?

Will you let your mind fall into the trap of unrealized dreams, or will you take action, fighting for what you love?

I challenge you to seek out the brightest spots in every moment. When you truly open your eyes and seek out the good the world has to offer, it will find you. 

It's up to YOU now. CHOOSE your way forward. DECIDE to embrace every opportunity that comes your way, and pour LOVE into everything you can.

What's life all about, if not to love living? Think about it… what are you choosing if you aren't choosing love?

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