Thursday, January 7, 2016

I Got A Tattoo!

As anyone following me on Instagram might have figured out, I LOVE temporary tattoos, like the ones in the pictures above and below. I'm really into the idea of decorating yourself and I've always loved examining people's style. I draw on my hands a lot. I love the idea of body art, but I've never really wanted it to be permanent...

Some of my temporary tattoos.

Recently I realized I wanted a real tattoo. I was sick of my pretty roses washing off after a day or two, or of my gold arrows getting rubbed away by a tight collar. I was annoyed by the way the ink from my pens would smear and there'd be big smudges of blue and black across my fingers.

So I started thinking about where to get one done. My friend recommended Blue Geisha in West Seattle, and after checking them out online and visiting the place in person, I booked an appointment!

Although I just wanted a small tattoo, I really wanted to make sure it was something very me- so of course it had to be my own drawing. Being that I am not an excellent artist (even my stick figures are misshapen), I spent a ton of time lying on the floor of my bedroom making the design PERFECT.

I have some nice pens, so I used those to make it look slightly fancier than a two-second sketch. I've always loved the idea of a small cluster of stars, so I spent ages on Google and Pinterest trying to design the perfect scatter.

I even went to the extent of taking some star-shaped confetti and sprinkling it over the area the same size as the area I wanted the tattoo, to see if I could mimic the random pattern and have it look the same. Mostly this just resulted in a bunch of piles of confetti, but once it actually landed in pretty much the order of the stars I'd already drawn!

In the end, this is what I took to Blue Geisha for my appointment with Beeker.

A confession… I am SUPER SCARED of pain. This knowledge confuses a lot of people who know I'm a runner, because they think someone who runs must looove pain. That's different though! Anyway, Beeker was amazing, she made sure I was totally aware of what was going on and played music and everything to calm me down. She even gave me a hot pink stuffed unicorn to squeeze because I was shaking all over from nerves/adrenaline/people-sticking-needles-into-my-skin-fears. It really wasn't so bad but as I said… SCARED OF PAIN. I think part of it is also the fact that you're basically exposing a soft part of flesh to a noise-making, pain-causing tool. But hey, you get a tattoo out of it! Anyway, my little design took maybe 20 minutes, tops, and after a few minutes of giddily inspecting my new inked skin, I got my aftercare instructions and was out the door!

Final tattoo!

Everyone says that you get addicted to getting tattoos and after today I can completely understand why… Part of me has already forgotten that it didn't feel so great and is thinking, hmmm, maybe in the future… 

We'll see! For now I am super excited about my little stars and grateful to Beeker and Blue Geisha for giving me a wonderful first tattoo experience.