Saturday, May 20, 2017

I Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Spring

Ah, spring. The season of new things, tantalizing rays of not-quite-warm sunshine, and if you're in the Pacific Northwest, tons of rain.

We've had a pretty dark, cold winter up here and I'm grateful for the fact that the weather is starting to change... But can it please just be summer already?

Hence the "hate" part of my relationship with spring- I've never been the best at waiting.

Luckily, it's now warm enough to head outdoors and adventure while we dream of summertime heat and sunshine. No more bundling up in fleece and wool every time you head outside. The occasional bright, over 60 degree day that has everyone in shorts and tank tops, exposing every inch of their body to the sun. Soak up that vitamin D, guys.

If you avoid the rain, spring around here does draw the most beautiful lighting for photography. Charge a camera, grab a friend and pose around town.

Spring is a time for music that veers away from melancholy and closer to happiness. What makes you feel hopeful and happy? Listen to what makes you feel good about the future. Here are some of my favorite 8tracks playlists for this time of year...

Lolita Ye-ye
Chef's Choice
the earth is my body, my head is in the stars

photo by Emre Gencer

The upside of rainy spring days is the opportunity they provide for reading by windows.

Some recommendations:

Anything by Simon van Booy- his writing is AMAZING. I saw it described as similar to Hemingway, and I agree, but more vivid. He also writes beautiful stories.

Americanah opened my eyes to a lot of things about society from a perspective I'd never experienced.

Becky Wade basically lived my dream life- she traveled the world for a year exploring different running cultures, which she records in Run the World

Delicious Foods is haunting, terrifying, lovely  and utterly unique. A must-read.

Are you introverted? Do you have introverted friends? Do yourself ad everyone else a favor and read Quiet.

Dietland sounds like a lighthearted love-your-body read. Do not believe that's what it is. Read it. Laugh, Cry. Clench your teeth. Give someone a hug.

Grit - inspiring, motivating, and filled with fascinating research about perseverance.

The thing about spring is that every time the sun really comes out it feels like a blessing and a miracle. Relief.

We are ready for the changing times.

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