Hi, everyone! I'm Kenaia (ken-I-uh) Neumann and this is my blog. I am a writer, photographer, world traveler and full-time dreamer. You can usually find me running, dousing myself in glitter or adventuring in general- one of my favorite things to do is explore new neighborhoods, cities or even countries. What can I say? I'm a Sagittarius! 

Here I'm on the left with my friend Annabelle at the Statue of Liberty in NY. Above
left: me at Hallagrimskirkja in Reykjavik. Above right: at the Louvre in Paris.
In NYC again, on my own this time about to accidentally walk 9 miles in cheap drugstore sandals.
Me, far right, with friends from the US and China, and my host student Duffy (center) in Chongqing, China.

At Sentosa (Siloso Beach) in Singapore! I'm in the middle here with friends from India, Dubai, Tajikistan, Germany, Albania and Syria.
What will you find on this blog? Well, I won't focus on one main thing, because that's not how my brain works. I think a lot about everything, so here I basically blog my thoughts. There will be travel, there will be running, there will probably be some about food.... and after that there will just be anything I think might be inspirational, motivating or simply thought-provoking.

Why do I publish all this online? Well.

I want to inspire you to dream bigger and better and to think about everything you experience from every angle or perspective. I blog about the world I see and feel and think about. I blog about living, and I would love to see more living in this world. More life, more love, more laughter. I believe we should all follow our dreams and our hearts every day. I believe in individuality, finding your own unique voice, and taking risks.

Why not share this philosophy?

I also just love writing... I hope you enjoy reading! :)

Wandering along the Seine in Paris.